What is the purpose of the legal protection guarantee of the car insurance?

What is the purpose of the legal protection guarantee of the car insurance? by Car crash lawyer

What is the purpose of the legal protection guarantee of the car insurance?

Subscribing to auto insurance allows access to many optional guarantees. The legal protection guarantee offers personalized support for the exercise of one’s rights as an insured. It constitutes particularly useful coverage, with a relatively limited price in relation to the sums that may be at stake in dispute situations with a third party. All our explanations on the legal protection guarantee, its application and its price!

What is the purpose of the legal protection guarantee of the auto insurance contract?

The subscription to the legal protection guarantee mainly allows the assumption of costs incurred in court in the event of a dispute with a third party by the insurance company.. In exchange for the payment of a contribution, the insurer allows the reimbursement of all or part of the sums paid for the civil, criminal or legal proceedings involved. These different costs are generally represented by:

  • The fees of commissioned experts
  • Lawyers’ fees
  • Bailiffs’ fees
  • The procedural costs

The legal protection guarantee remains very close to the criminal defense and recourse guarantee, also called GPRSA (Criminal Guarantee and Recourse Following an Accident), although it has a wider scope of application.

  • The guarantee criminal defense and recourse generally allows you to exercise your right to Civil Liability cover in the event of a claim. The insured can then use the “defence” part to counter an attack by a third party or the “recourse” part to attack a third party himself in order to claim the compensation provided by the mandatory minimum guarantee that is the Public liability. The application of the GPRSA therefore allows the insurer to bear the costs incurred in court for the defense or recourse against a third party and to obtain the compensation provided for bodily injury and material damage.

Unlike the GPRSA, the legal protection guarantee makes it possible to cover all the members of the same household, or in any case all the persons declared in the contract and even the passengers of a car in the event of an accident. The operation of this cover also presupposes access to tailor-made assistance services, personalized support by the insurer and professionals specially appointed for the occasion, as well as advice for possibly settling the dispute amicably. .

How much does auto insurance legal protection cost?

The functioning of the legal protection guarantee is linked to the application of strict terms, such as a compensation ceiling fixed in advance and which must be the subject of a meticulous study by the insured. The amount of the maximum sum reimbursed by the insurer depends on the insurance company chosen and can vary greatly, ranging from approximately €4,000 to €100,000. It all depends on the nature of the procedure and the scope of coverage to which the insured has subscribed.

Subscription to the legal protection guarantee may not involve any additional cost if it is automatically included in a car insurance formula such as all-risk insurance. On the other hand, its independent subscription involves an additional cost of between €70 and €100 per year and supposes the addition of an amendment to the basic contract.

There is also an intervention threshold, i.e. an amount below which the insurer can refuse to intervene, considering that the case is not important enough to be processed via the legal protection guarantee.. The auto insurance waiting periods are also left free to the insurance company, the law not delimiting any legal framework in relation to the duration of non-application of car insurance following subscription.

In general, it is preferable to compare your auto insurance contract, at any time, in order to find out about the most interesting offers on the market.. As insurers offer promotional rates to new customers, it may be possible to take advantage of preferential and advantageous conditions to obtain, for example, reductions on legal protection cover or a greater scope of action.

As an online insurance broker, Reassure me offers its own car insurance comparator, available free of charge. It shows you multiple car insurance quotes directly online and very quickly, so that you can make your decision whenever you want, after knowing the prices in full transparency.

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In which cases can the legal protection guarantee apply in car insurance?

Depending on the car insurance contract taken out, the legal protection guarantee may allow the reimbursement of costs for a dispute in the context of professional activity. (if the personal vehicle is used for example), in addition to the private sphere such as a discovery of hidden defect when buying a vehicle. On the other hand, this specific protection does not in any way cover any fines or costs of conviction which the insured would be subject to, who would have to pay this part personally.

The legal protection guarantee then allows the civil, administrative or legal settlement of disputes with any third party, in many situations. In particular, it is possible to cite:

  • The sale of the vehicle (with the buyer)
  • Procurement of a vehicle (with the seller, dealer or individual)
  • Location a car (with the company in question)
  • The property of the vehicle (in the event of a dispute over the very identification of the owner)
  • The repair, maintenance or technical control of the vehicle (with the mechanic or the mandated professional)

The legal protection guarantee then allows the payment of the costs incurred in court in the event of a dispute with any third party. The assistance services or advice that can be given to you also make it possible not to go that far and to hope for an amicable settlement, which is also in the interest of the insurer.
This coverage is easily accessible, either through an adequate car insurance formula, or autonomously and independently, as well as via online car insurance.

The easiest way to subscribe to the legal protection guarantee is to access it as a guarantee automatically included in the selected contract, as is the case forcomprehensive car insuranceor even intermediate car insurance, depending on the performance of the latter.

Third-party car insurance does not generally take this particular guarantee into account, but may include criminal defense and recourse guarantee, which constitutes, in a way, the first level. There is an exception, through the formula to the third of thetemporary car insurance, which often allows access to more guarantees. This provision is explained in particular by its higher price when it is reported on a monthly basis, and the need to be covered more effectively over a short period.

Banking establishments, which offer more and more car insurance solutions, allow membership in the legal protection guarantee. However, this cover is generally linked to the possession of a bank card in the company in question or the opening of an account in order to benefit from it.

Finally, the legal protection guarantee remains available as independent protection, independently of the subscription to car insurance.. It then makes it possible to cover legal costs in a greater number of areas (health, housing, daily life, etc.), including car insurance. Choosing the legal protection guarantee as independent cover also allows you to turn against your insurer, particularly in the case of compensation that is too low or out of time, which is not the case when it is taken out through car insurance!

Is the car insurance legal protection guarantee compulsory?

In car insurance, the legal protection guarantee has certain differences with the Civil Liability guarantee, insofar as it is not compulsory and supposes a field of action limited to disputes with a third party.. Under no circumstances may the legal protection guarantee imply the payment of compensation for the application of the Civil Liability guarantee, except in the case of the verdict rendered by the competent court following a controversy over the identity of the person responsible for an accident.

The main interest of the legal protection guarantee lies in the assumption of costs incurred in court in the event of a dispute with a third party. It turns out that the sums supposed by a legal action, whether it is a defense or an appeal, very often reach a very high amount and it is then preferable to see the insurer reimburse them. all or part. The legal protection guarantee also makes it possible to cover all the vehicles of the same household for the same price, depending on the performance of the cover chosen.

Assistance or advice services can also be very interesting, allowing you to know the issues related to legal proceedings and to make the right decisions accordingly. The mandated experts are professionals from the legal community and can provide their expertise in this area, without having to spend money on their personal finances.

Insurance companies also have their own network of professionals and can direct their clients to the most competent person for the dispute in question. In a similar register, thearticle L 127.3 of the Insurance Code authorizes the insured to personally choose his lawyer for the defense of his interests, without the insurer being able to influence his choice.

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