legal protection insurance

What is legal protection insurance for? by Car crash lawyer

What is legal protection insurance for?

legal protection insurance

Legal protection is an activity defined and regulated by the insurance code. (Articles L127-1 of the insurance codes and following).

What is my legal protection insurance for?

The objective of legal protection insurance is to simplify access to law and justice. It allows you to know your rights, to assert or defend them by avoiding a lawsuit, to bear the costs related to the settlement of the dispute.


Legal protection is an activity defined and regulated by the insurance code. (Articles L127-1 of the insurance codes and following).
Thus, the legal protection insurance constitutes a guarantee of coverage of the costs of proceedings or the provision of services in the event of a dispute concerning you.

In automotive matters, this can be a conflict following the purchase or sale of a vehicle or even a traffic accident.

Where can I find a legal protection insurance contract?

Most legal protection guarantees are included in a support contract (automotive or multi-risk home insurance).

Therefore, it is advisable to read your contract carefully in order to check whether you benefit from legal protection insurance and, if necessary, to know the guarantees of the latter.

Note that the law requires that legal protection insurance be distinguished, either by a separate contract or by a specific chapter. (Art L127-2 insurance code).

The different categories of legal protection

Criminal defense and recourse after an accident cover:

This guarantee is widely used in car insurance. It only covers the elements guaranteed by the contract. It supports either the criminal defense of the insured, or the recourse of the latter for compensation for his prejudice.

Legal protection covering a particular area:

This type of guarantee covers events and disputes relating to a specific and named area.
For example, for a guarantee concerning disputes related to the purchase, rental or delivery of goods or the poor performance of a service, “consumer” legal protection should be taken out.

General legal protection:

Here the insurer must precisely define its scope, either positively by indicating which areas are covered, or negatively by indicating the areas excluded. In the latter case, all areas are in principle covered except for those mentioned in the exclusions. This guarantee covers the vast majority of disputes in everyday life.

The services:

– Legal assistance: advice and information on the steps to be taken
– Defense of the interests of the insured: by settling disputes, either amicably if possible or judicially.
– Financial support for procedural costs (lawyers, experts, etc.). The amount and terms of coverage are provided for in the contract.

Declaration of disaster :

The insured must declare to his insurer any loss liable to call his guarantee into play. (L113-2 insurance code). It is advisable to make this declaration by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

In general, YP contracts do not provide a time limit for making this declaration. However, this period cannot exceed 5 working days (L113-2 insurance code).

Advice : Submit your declaration as quickly as possible to enable the insurer to best defend your interests.
Namely: in the event of an emergency, you can be reimbursed for the costs incurred before the declaration of the claim (or the insurer’s response) as long as they fall within the guarantees provided for by the contract. (Art L127-2-2 insurance code).

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