Victim of a road accident: Should I hire a lawyer?

Victim of a road accident: Should I hire a lawyer? by Car crash lawyer

Victim of a road accident: Should I hire a lawyer?

The answer is yes.

Victim of a car accident must hire a lawyer to support it, for several reasons.

1) The victim of a road accident is alone with the insurance company

When a person is the victim of a road accident, his only interlocutor is very often exclusively the insurance company.

She is the one who will manage the compensation process and the victim, most of the time layman, trusts her.

However, insurance companies remain economic entities whose goal is to make a profit and therefore to “pay as little as possible”.

Experience shows that the presence of a lawyer involved in compensation for bodily injury allows the victim of a car accident to obtain compensation that is significantly higher than that offered by the insurance company.

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2) The administrative and legal procedures are numerous and complex

Road accident victims face many many administrative and legal procedures (creation of the file, management of the procedure (civil or criminal), collection of evidence, quantification of damages, etc.).

This represents a significant mental and material burden to bear in addition to that related to the sequelae of thebody accident suffered (injuries, financial impact, professional harm, etc.).

The presence of a professional is therefore essential to help the victims of a car accident to face the consequences of the traumatic event they suffered as well as possible.

3) The victims’ lawyer makes it possible to obtain the best possible compensation

The advantages of being assisted by a lawyer involved in the law of the law compensation for bodily injury are many :

  • He will analyze the circumstances of the traffic accident and establish the responsibilities involved when these are disputed;
  • He will represent you in “amicable” discussions with the insurance company;
  • It will help you build your file and thus relieve you of this administrative burden;
  • He will explain to you how you can justify your damages and help you collect the necessary evidence;
  • He will negotiate, as the indemnity process progresses, the payment of groceries to help you limit the financial impact of the road accident you suffered;
  • He will accompany you to themedical expertise and will also have you assisted by a medical advisor victims;
  • He will cost and negotiate each injury post of which you are a victim to obtain fair and full compensation;
  • He will start legal proceedings to get you compensated if the negotiations with the insurance company fail;

As you will have understood, in the event of a road accident, you should be assisted as soon as possible by a victims’ lawyerintervening in compensation for bodily injury.

Experience shows that the quicker the indemnification by a lawyer, the better the chances that your damages will be the subject of fair and full reparation.


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