Traffic legal protection insurance

Traffic legal protection insurance by Car crash lawyer

Traffic legal protection insurance

The solution for worry-free driving

With traffic legal protection insurance, you can drive safely and do not have to worry about any disputes in road traffic.

It happens faster than you think: you just have to press the accelerator too hard for a moment or be involved in a car accident without being responsible. However, it’s not just accidents that can quickly become a legal case. Disputes related to road traffic are very frequent. To be able to continue driving with peace of mind, you need a solid partner by your side to advise you and defend your rights.

Thanks to the partnership between FCA Capital Suisse SA and AXA-ARAG, you benefit from AXA-ARAG’s Traffic legal protection in the following areas:


Support in the exercise of legal claims in civil liability. This includes, for example, the claim for compensation in the event of material damage or loss of wages as a result of a traffic accident. Also included are claims for damages resulting from a traffic accident resulting in bodily injury.

Criminal Law

Support in criminal and administrative proceedings in the event of a charge of negligent violation of legal requirements (eg speeding, drunk driving, negligent bodily harm).

Driving licence withdrawal

Legal support and advice during the procedure relating to the withdrawal of the driving license and the circulation permit. AXA-ARAG assumes costs of up to CHF 500.—/legal case and year in the event of license withdrawal.

Your advantages

  • Financial security and representation in a legal case
  • More than 140 AXA-ARAG lawyers, jurists and technical specialists are committed to defending your rights
  • Competent legal advice in German, French, Italian and English
  • You have as a partner one of the market leaders in legal protection

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