Traffic legal protection: drive zen

Traffic legal protection: drive zen by Car crash lawyer

Traffic legal protection: drive zen

Contract law and consumer law

You buy a used car and the vehicle is not as advertised (it is in fact damaged). You cannot come to an agreement with the seller.

Real rights

After a little service maintenance, the garage sends you an exorbitant bill. You refuse to pay this much too high bill and the mechanic refuses to return the car to you.

Liability law

A driver refuses you priority and there is a collision. You are injured and wish to assert claims for damages.

Criminal Law

You fail to brake in time on an icy road and you crash into a stationary vehicle at a red light. The other driver is injured and you are being sued for bodily harm.

Withdrawal of driving license and taxation of vehicles

You drive too fast and get flashed. Your driver’s license should be revoked for a long time.

Social insurance law

In a serious car accident, you are the victim of a cervical spinal trauma resulting in permanent incapacity for work. You have problems with accident insurance and AI.

Private insurance law

You have an accident without third party involvement and are unable to agree with the casco insurance on the value of the car.

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