Road accident - what to do?

Road accident – what to do? by Car crash lawyer

Road accident – what to do?

In theory, everyone knows how to behave in an accident… But in practice, doubts often arise and it is difficult to think clearly. What is the right behavior to adopt? What equipment should I have in my car?

Fortunately, there is TCS accident assistance. Thanks to TCS Membershipwe are there for you in difficult situations: contact us in the event of an accident and we will assist you immediately.

What to do in an accident?

Here is the procedure to follow for anyone involved in a road accident in Switzerland:

Secure the scene of the accident

  • Put on your safety vest and always pay attention to traffic when leaving the vehicle
  • Install the warning triangle at least 50 meters (approximately 60 paces) from the scene of the accident, or even 100 meters (approximately 110 paces) in the event of poor visibility or on a fast lane

Inform the emergency services

  • In the event of an accident on the highway : get to safety! Call the police (dial 117). If other people involved are having trouble, or if in doubt, always call the police
  • If there are injuries: call the emergency services (dial 144)
  • If there is a risk of fire or explosion: call the fire department (dial 118)

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