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Road accident in Marseille? A lawyer = better compensation by Car crash lawyer

Road accident in Marseille? A lawyer = better compensation

Insurance and small lines…

Everyone has already seen it at least once: the world of insurance can seem obscure and incomprehensible when you are a “layman”. In other words, the general conditions of your insurance contract are full of complex information, which only a specialist can help you decipher correctly.

Take the example of Cathy: she was driving on the boulevard Michelet in Marseille. She stops at a red light: the driver of the vehicle behind her does not realize this and hits her violently in the rear. Result: car seriously damaged, and Cathy feels severe pain in her neck.

She reports the loss to her insurance company. Problem: during the accident, she was taken to the hospital by the firefighters, and no accident report was signed with the other driver. Fortunately, the police on site have established an accident report (PV), which will allow him to be compensated. Phew!

But his company informs him that the delays to recover this PV are long: on average, more than 4 months. What to do? Cathy is only “third party” insured and her car is irreparable.

She no longer has a car, she is off work, and she has no information about the opposing driver.

His insurance has no solution to offer him, and cannot compensate him for the moment: we explain to him that we must wait to receive the police report, wait for it to be “consolidated”…

But what does “consolidated” mean?

A friend who has experienced a similar situation advises him to consult a lawyer.

The lawyer specializing in bodily injury: major support for insurance companies.

Indeed, a lawyer will be able to speed up the compensation process, by directly approaching the prosecution (organization managed by the public prosecutor) to obtain the police report in particular.

Then, he will be able to provide it to your insurance company, and negotiate with the latter, in order to obtain a provision (this is a sum of money intended to cover the costs incurred by you following the accident, but also to partly compensate for your loss of income).

Finally, the intervention of a lawyer generally makes it possible to considerably increase the compensation paid. The lawyer may indeed, after consolidation of your state of health (that is to say that it will no longer evolve) and evaluation by a medical adviser appointed by your insurance company, claim additional damages that you might not have thought of (sexual harm, harm to establishment or harm to amenity).

In short, the use of a lawyer for a road accident, constitutes a precious help, in order to enlighten you in the long and cumbersome administrative procedures which can open in front of you. You can call on him at any time during the procedure with your insurance company.

The chances of obtaining full compensation for your damage will be even greater.

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