DAS Legal Protection – You have rights… We defend them by Car crash lawyer

DAS Legal Protection – You have rights… We defend them

Important ! The examples given in this document are indicative. As regards the exact provisions, for any additional information, for exclusions and limitations, do not hesitate to consult our general and special conditions, available free of charge on the website. www.das.be, or contact your insurance intermediary to obtain an offer. Each non-professional client is required to read it before purchasing/subscribing to this product. Legal disputes existing at the time of the conclusion of the contract are not covered. This is also the case when the insured becomes aware, when concluding the contract, of facts which give rise to a legal dispute. Also consult the contractual waiting periods (art. 7 or 2 of the special conditions), the litigious minimums as well as the intervention ceilings (art. 8 or 2 of the special conditions) per guarantee. A Legal Protection contract is concluded for a period of one year and is tacitly renewable, unless it is terminated by giving notice at least 3 months before the main expiry date. Belgian law is applicable for insurance contracts and only Belgian courts have jurisdiction. For any complaint, first contact the internal complaints department: pointdecontact@das.be. The Insurance Ombudsman service can be reached at the following address: Square de Meeûs, 35, 1000 Brussels, http://www.ombudsman.as. DAS Belgian Legal Protection Insurance Company – Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 7 – 1210 Brussels – Tel. : +32 2 645 51 11 – Fax: +32 2 640 77 33. Insurance company approved under number 0687, under the supervision of the National Bank of Belgium, Boulevard de Berlaimont 14 at 1000 Brussels for the Legal Protection branch, RPM Brussels 0401.620.778.

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