All about the car without a license by Car crash lawyer

All about the car without a license

The most complete formula iscomprehensive car insurance which includes warranty damage all accidents.

If you opt for a third party insurance plusyou can benefit from the following guarantees:

– The broken glass : this option covers the repair or replacement of windows (front, rear and side).

– The guarantee collision : this compensates for damage to the vehicle itself. It protects against collisions with an obstacle, an animal or even another vehicle, whether it is a serious accident or a simple collision.

– The driver protection warranty : the aim is to obtain coverage for all medical expenses in the event of an accident.

– Warranty flight : car insurance can reimburse the value of the vehicle, subject to the filing of a complaint. The declaration of the theft to your insurer must take place within 48 hours of the incident. It is possible that your insurer refuses to compensate you if it considers that you have not taken the necessary measures to avoid the theft. Thefts by computer hacking (or mouse jacking) and without burglary have multiplied and more and more insurers have modified the theft clauses of their contracts to incorporate this hypothesis.

The fire explosion guarantee : again, the vehicle can be reimbursed, if one of these events occurs. Excluded from compensation are fires caused by the insured himself, whether intentional or due to negligence on his part.

L’juridic assistance : As its name suggests, it provides you with assistance in the event of a dispute with a third party. It allows you to be represented in two scenarios:

– you bring an action against a third party (for example, your neighbour): it is then a question of obtaining compensation for damage suffered

– you defend yourself against a third party: you will then have to prove that you are not responsible for the fault of which you are accused.

Thus, the insurance covers all legal costs arising from the procedure. This includes lawyers’ fees, any expert fees, the bailiff’s report, court costs, etc. But beyond this support, it is above all the legal advice that you will need.

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