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3 rights that road accident victims are often unaware of by Car crash lawyer

3 rights that road accident victims are often unaware of

Whether it results in bodily injury or death, a road accident is always a traumatic event for the victims. This is why being accompanied during this event is essential. This help allows you to know your rights and the necessary steps to be compensated or seek redress.

Victim of a road accident, find out your right to compensation

In the event of a traffic accident, the responsible party’s insurance company is responsible for compensating the victims. It is your right, as a victim, to be compensated for your bodily or moral injuries: nothing obliges you, for this, to lodge a complaint. In case of fatal accident, the compensation extends to the beneficiaries. If you are at fault, note that your right to compensation may be limited, depending on the error made.

However, if the accident compensation offer offered by the insurance seems insufficient to you, you can take legal action before the civil courts, always independently of a complaint.

If you have been the victim of the reprehensible behavior of another driver, you can claim compensation for the damage suffered. By filing a complaint and becoming a civil party, you acquire a legal status giving you new rights.

Litigation processes are often long and complicated: do not hesitate to call on an association to help victims of road traffic accidents. By being accompanied, you will know your rights better and will not remain isolated. Some associations are approved by the courts of appeal and can be seized directly by the public prosecutor.

Any victim of a bodily injury road accident resulting in damage is entitled to financial compensation, whether it is a driver, a passenger, a cyclist or even a pedestrian. The only reason that can restrict this right is his responsibility in the accident.

Victim of an accident, how to claim compensation?

It is your right as a victim to lodge a complaint against the manager of the accident in order to claim compensation. If the latter is found guilty, he will receive a sanction at the end of the criminal proceedings.

As a victim of a traffic accident, you can to accompany you through the long processes of compensation and reparation. There are various victim support associations that should be recommended to you during your journey.

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