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▷ Florida Accident Lawyer

Advice from Paul McKenna, lawyer specializing in American law

It has been statistically proven that the south florida is one of the most dangerous places to drive in the United States. There is a very high rate ofaccidents with some serious injuries and deaths. The danger is even more pronounced for cyclists and pedestrians. The Miami-FT. The Lauderdale-West Palm Beach corridor, and in particular thoroughfares such as 1-95 and the Tollway of Floridahave some accidents involving several cars almost daily with serious injuries. There are many reasons for such a high percentage ofaccidents, including traffic congestion and limited alternate routes; container shipping and delivery from the ports of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach; massive influx of tourists at different times of the year when people do not know where they are going; and the main culprit, distracted driving, where people can’t put down their cellphones.

Minor or major car accidents: when to call on a lawyer specializing in accident law?

Of course, the accidents come in all different sizes, shapes and colors, from fender bender to fatality. For the accidents minors, there is little or no need to hire a lawyer. However, in case of serious injury, hiring an accident and personal injury lawyer is essential to hold drivers and their insurers fully accountable. Unfortunately, the majority of offending drivers do not have sufficient insurance coverage to cover a accident major. This is where the lawyers need to be creative and seek out other responsible parties who may have contributed in some way to the‘accident. For example, a condo that failed to keep its hedge properly trimmed, creating a blind spot for drivers exiting the condo and causing a automotive hits a cyclist and renders him paraplegic. The co-ownership as well as its insurance company were the sources of the financial recovery for the cyclist because the driver had only the minimum insurance required under the Florida law.

Lawyers should be creative and seek out other responsible parties who may have contributed in some way to the accident.

Another example is the underinsured driver who actually travels to a destination as part of his job. I treated the case of a young motorbike driver who was hit by a census worker in Homestead, Florida, who got distracted while trying to find an address using his iPhone. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist had to have his leg amputated. The census clerk had an underinsured vehicle that could not cover the high cost of my client’s multiple hospitalizations and surgeries, as well as prosthetics and limited employment opportunities. So we turned our attention to the census taker’s employer, the U.S. government, and filed a lawsuit under the Federal Tort Claims Act that resulted in a substantial settlement that paid all medical bills of my client and set up monthly payments for the rest of my client’s life so that he could live comfortably.

The most important aspect of resolving a claim for bodily injury Where wrongful death is the one you choose ase lawyer. While many lawyers like to portray themselves as “aggressive,” “aggressive” doesn’t win cases or necessarily help clients. What wins business is experience, perseverance and compassion for the injured party, that the‘lawyer incorporates into a methodical professional strategy to recover the maximum amount from any possible source to compensate the injured party.

Mr. Paul McKenna, attorney at the bar of Florida

Paul A. McKenna is a member of the “Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum” – less than 1% of American lawyers can claim it because it is necessary to justify having obtained verdicts of more than 2 million dollars. Specialized in bodily injury, wrongful death and road accidents in Florida, he supports you in your legal procedures in accident law.

For 39 yearsPaul McKenna sticks to the same professional ethic: taking personal care of each client, always listening attentively, being better prepared than his adversary and neglecting nothing, and, whatever the obstacles, never giving up and never never say never: anything is possible.

Are you looking for an accident and personal injury lawyer? Mr. Paul McKenna, lawyer at the Florida bar assists you. Contact Master Paul McKenna.

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